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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

MEMSA Survey Results

Paramedic Shortage Issue in Missouri - October 2020

Back in October, MEMSA used several surveys to try and consider the issue of a paramedic shortage in Missouri. We surveyed ambulance services, paramedics schools, field paramedics (not EMTs or administrators who are paramedics), and the BEMS. Below are the summaries from those surveys.  We are working on the next steps. See a summary of the results here.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


As the COVID-19 outbreak impacts our world, one aspect that we believe can help keep our EMS personnel and first responders safe is to assure that some basic questions are asked of citizens calling for help.  That way the emergency staff responding can be warned about the potential hazard.

Many EMS agencies are fortunate to have their local PSAP providing EMD, and we believe they are now asking the the same few questions that you would get asked as you seek to enter most hospitals.

On March 20, we sent out a brief survey to determine how wide spread the use of the extra questions has become.  

View a summary of those results here.

Clinical Ladder Survey - Paramedics/EMTs

In 2019, Representative Roden introduced a Bill in the House (HB 907) to allow licensure of paramedic practitioners. The vision is to provide another rung on the clinical ladder for paramedics and a road for advancement.

Presently paramedics can become nurses with the option of seeking to be an advanced practice nurse, a physicians assistant (PA) or a doctor.  HB 907 would create another option under the law that would be similar to the PA. 

The bill did not pass in 2019, but it has certainly generated a lot of conversation.  

In April 2019, MEMSA designed a survey to measure the level of interest paramedics and EMTs might have in pursuing further educational opportunities to advance their career in a clinical setting.  You can review the survey results here.

Tax Rate Cap Increase Survey Results

In January 2019, MEMSA distributed a survey to seek input on the topic of the cap in current state law that limits the sales tax level for ambulance districts and fire districts to 0.5% and increase the cap to 1%.  The survey has 94 responses. 
View a summary of the results here.

Results to an industry survey on Law Enforcement requesting EMS to draw blood on suspected DUI individuals

125 responses - July 2017

View the results here.

Missouri Community Paramedic Mobile Integrated Healthcare 2017

In 2013, Missouri EMS stakeholders conducted a survey to examine community health needs and the state of Community Paramedic/Mobile Integrated Healthcare within this state. This survey was designed to examine how these issues have changed.

The original 2013 was modified slightly. An email list services was obtained from the Missouri Bureau of EMS. On July 21, the survey was distributed by email to 205 administrators. Thirty-five surveys were completed. See the survey results here.

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