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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

MO EMS Connection - Service BrieFS 

The Missouri EMS Connection is pleased to accept submissions for the Service Briefs section in the magazine. The purpose of the service briefs section is to share current news about your service.

Below are the service briefs published in the Spring 2018 issue of the magazine. If you would like to submit your news, see our service briefs submission page for details and deadlines.

St. Charles County Ambulance District

St. Charles County Ambulance District is proud to announce that Lieutenant Vince Dickhoff was recently named Paramedic of the Year for 2017.  Vince brings tremendous clinical skill, and displays outstanding leadership, which earned him a promotion to Lieutenant two years ago. He is a tenacious clinical leader for SCCAD that regularly seeks challenging projects with which to assist, taking ownership of two major initiatives for the District, serving as their “Stroke Czar,” and being project manager for the electronic documentation system.

Vince’s approach to helping with QI has been immensely supportive, and has become the template off which expectations are derived. His area of focus on QI is stroke care. He’s spent countless hours reviewing, editing, and providing feedback to crews on how they performed their tasks on stroke calls. As a seasoned provider, he’s aware of the pressures faced on these calls, and approaches the QI process with empathy and understanding. His goal is not to attack the performance for any group of individuals, but rather to improve outcomes for stroke patients in the community, conducting a painstaking review of every stroke call.

Also notable is Vince’s commitment to improving documentation of patient care via the District’s electronic documentation system. He has identified ways to improve the system to better meet crews’ needs, while making it easier for the District to pull data out of the system to better review it for best practices.

SCCAD congratulates Vince on this honor. They are immensely proud of him.

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