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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Missouri License Plate Registration - RENEWALS


In order for you to continue using your EMT or Paramedic license plate in Missouri, you must pay an annual registration fee of $15 to MEMSA or you can pay $30 for a two-year registration.  

Steps to Renew an EMT or Paramedic License Plate:

If you need to renew your license plate, you will need to complete the renewal process.

Step One: Register online with MEMSA at the link below.  Once you have registered for a one or two year registration and paid your fee, you will receive a License Plate Emblem Use Authorization Statement & Receipt by e-mail.

Step Two: Take your emblem authorization statement, your renewal notice and other documents required by the state (insurance card, paid property taxes, etc.) to your local DOR License Bureau to get your renewal tabs.  

Note: if you don't currently have an EMT or paramedic license plate, please follow the new/initial registration process outlined here.

License Plate Registration & Payment

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