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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Connection Materials

In some issues of the Missouri EMS Connection, we want to provide additional resources to you to save, download or print as a reference in your files.  Below are some of those materials we have referenced in the magazine.

Spring/Summer 2018 - Community Paramedicine: A Resource about programs in Missouri

In the spring issue of the Missouri EMS Connection, a resource about Community Paramedicine Programs in Missouri was provided as a resource to our readers. Due to technical difficulties, one of the CP programs in Missouri was left out. In the summer issue of the magazine, we include the additional information as a resource for you along with a list of other resources from the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT) in case you are looking to start a CP program or are looking for ways to make yours better.

If you missed the spring or summer issues, we have compiled all the information about CP Programs in Missouri into one full resource guide for you. Other programs may be added in the future as well.  Download the guide below.

Download: Community Paramedicine: A Resource about programs in Missouri

Summer 2017 - Heat Related Illness Education Materials

In the Summer 2017 issue of the Missouri EMS Connection, the magazine and SCCAD provided you with educational materials you can use in your community about heat related illnesses and the hazards of summer.

Download the materials in pdf format here.

Feel free to print and copy these materials and distribute them in your community as needed.  Fair, festivals, and other summer activities are a good time to distribute them.  We hope these will be a helpful resource for you to use to educate, inform, and serve your communities.

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