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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Draft TCD Law Being Considered - 11.11.19

  • 12/03/2019 9:26 AM
    Message # 8166287
    Mary Napier (Administrator)

    The State TCD Committee has a draft of a revised TCD law being considered.  There is discussion about filing the legislation in 2020 or waiting until 2021.

    The argument to wait until 2021 is that the consultant report regarding the TCD program is not due until June 2020.

    The argument to move ahead in 2020 is that the draft legislation is built to simplify the law and broaden it out and the revised regulations on Trauma, STEMI and Stroke, which are almost done, will not move forward until the law is revised.  So if we wait until 2021 to file new TCD legislation, we will not have revised regulations in place until Spring or Summer of 2022.  If we wait to file the legislation in the 2021 session the logical time for the new regulations would be a full year later than if we filed and sought legislative change in 2020.

    In order to properly consider both options we are asking folks to spend a moment and look over the draft TCD legislation and comment.

    The MHA is also engaging with their constituency while folks consider the options.


    As you look over the draft please consider a couple of ideas already bouncing round.

    1.  keep the current 190.242.2

    2. add a definition of TCD, TCD center to 190.100

    This is a work in progress and in reality these words should change to reflect the interests of the collaboration between the stakeholders.  The SAC, MHA, professional groups etc are all engaged with the state TCD committee and this document will change as it reflects the interests of those groups, the legislative process is a dynamic one, almost never does a bill get filed that does not change along the process.  Classically legislation gets filed in Jan/ Feb..... Committee hearings Feb/ March allowing continued time for reflection and change.

    The Mo Amb Asso has the lobbyist support capable to advance the legislation based upon collaboration of the stakeholders.  This type of legislation does not advance without support of stakeholders.

    We can tweak it during the process and we can tweak in future years ...just as during the 2019 session the TCD law was changed as well as in 2018, the legislature understands the evolving nature of the health care system and the need for change.

    please feel free to send comments to Mark.Alexander@Coxhealth.com

    or jason.white3254@gmail.com.

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