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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

TCD Update - 9/12/18

  • 09/12/2018 9:04 AM
    Message # 6665988
    Mary Napier (Administrator)

    It appears that in the next few days the House will vote to consider an over ride of the Governor's veto.  It appears that efforts between the House Budget Committee & the Governor's office to determine where the $155,000 should come from and the authorization for that funding could not be settled.

    The dispute between the House Budget Committee and the Governor does not impact the fact that the DHSS is funding the TCD program and will continue to fund it.

    The dispute is over process and politics.

    We need to stay out of the political dispute, we cannot by accident or intent take sides.  We may be asked by those in the system to take sides, but we need to avoid taking sides and simply support the funding of the TCD program.

    We doubt that the Senate will support any veto override passed by the House, so expect debate and newspaper articles and in the end the veto will be sustained.

    View a joint statement about TCD here.

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