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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Submissions to the Missouri EMS Connection

Submission Policy

Download the submission policy here.

If you having a passion for writing, editing, photography, planning, EMS or anything else to do with a magazine, we would love to have you be part of our team. We are looking for volunteers for our editorial board, writers, article reviewers, and photographers to take photos of EMS services featured each issue.  If you are interested, please review our submission policy at the link above.

Submission Deadlines:

  • Spring - February 15
  • Summer - May 15
  • Fall - August 15
  • Winter - November 15

Editorial Board: 

The Missouri EMS Connection Editorial Board is comprised of volunteers who have agreed to serve in the furtherance of providing a quality publication and making sure the Missouri EMS Connection is published to educate, inform, lead, and connect the EMS community. The board’s purpose is to: oversee the development and maintenance of the MEMSA print publication and to provide a structure for the Missouri EMS Connection editor for advice, counsel, contracting, and editorial review. Meetings are held by conference call to help plan out each issue and as needed. The editorial board also reviews the magazine before it goes to print. 

Editorial Review Process: 

In most cases, articles submitted for publication in the Missouri EMS Connection will be sent through an editorial review process. Reviewers consist of volunteers with knowledge in various EMS-related areas who will serve as advisers for the articles submitted. Advisers will evaluate the articles for readability, grammatical errors, focus of subject matter, and overall importance to MEMSA’s readership. They will use a review recommendation process and have a chance to submit suggestions or changes back to the author before the article is finalized for publication. Advisers may also reject the article for publication. 


Articles may be submitted from various persons, however, some articles might fit into one of the pre-determined categories of the magazine. There are exceptions to those categories, though. Persons interested in writing should be passionate about the subject matter and possess the ability to write knowledgeable articles. Selected authors could be placed in a rotation for regular submission. If interested in writing, contact the editor – Mary Napier at mary@napiercommunications.com

The Missouri EMS Connection Editorial Board reserves the right to approve or refuse a submission for publication. For complete guidelines on submitting an article or photos, view the submission policy above. 

A contributor reimbursement will be given for article and photo submissions if appropriate. We hope you enjoy the variety of articles in this new publication from clinical to legislative issues to billing and more! If you have any suggestions for this publication, please contact the Missouri EMS Connection Editor – Mary Napier at mary@napiercommunications.com.

Service Briefs Submissions

The Missouri EMS Connection is pleased to accept submissions for the Service Briefs section in the magazine. The purpose of the service briefs section is to share current news about your service.  Submit your news to the Missouri EMS Connection Editor – Mary Napier at mary@napiercommunications.com.


For information about advertising in the Missouri EMS Connection, learn more here.

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