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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association


  1. How do I sign-up and take advantage of the free one-year membership?

    If you are not currently a MEMSA member:
    1)  Visit www.memsa.org/join-memsa.
    2)  Select the membership type that you want, and fill in the necessary information.
    3)  When applicable, enter the discount code for the free membership: birthdaypresent
    4)  Once your membership is processed, you can begin enjoying the free benefits for one year from that date.

  2. What if I am already a paid member?
    Your membership already gives you the availability to enjoy the benefits. See our individual benefits page and organization benefits page for more details on how to save with Savvik Buying Group.

  3. Do I have to wait until Jan. 1, 2018 to sign up for the free membership?
    No. You can do it now. Just follow the directions in question 1 and enter the discount code.

  4. When is the membership valid?
    Your free membership will expire one year from the date you sign-up.

  5. What do I get for my free membership?
    During MEMSA’s birthday celebration, MEMSA membership is free for organizations and for individuals! With that free membership comes the $10,000 insurance, the Missouri EMS Connection magazine, and the opportunity to buy equipment, supplies, uniforms, and even Disney tickets, through a group purchasing program (Savvik Buying Group). See our complete list of membership benefits here.

  6. What happens at the end of my free membership?
    We think you will save so much money through the Savvik Buying Group that you will see the benefit of renewing your MEMSA membership the following year at the regular rates. This can be done online or by check. If you don’t want to renew, after your renew reminder and lapsed notice, we will say goodbye with our best wishes for you.

  7. Can individuals and organizations save with the Savvik Buying Group?
    Discounts are available for everyone! See our individual benefits page and organization benefits page for more details on how to save with your membership type.

  8. Do I need to create a login with Savvik to start saving?
    Yes, both organizations and individuals need to create a login with Savvik after signing up for a MEMSA membership. 
    The first time you visit www.savvik.org, you will create a login by clicking on the blue New User button in the upper right. Fill in the information on the page and submit.  Once Savvik staff verify your information and link you to MEMSA, Savvik will reach out with your login information. They will also walk you through the next steps to begin your savings right away!

    Note: if you are an individual member or not listed with a MEMSA organizational member, please fill in MEMSA as the service name on your new user registration.  That will make it easier for Savvik staff to verify your information and link you to MEMSA.  

    If you need more instructions on how to sign up on the Savvik website, watch a quick video here about how-to login.

  9. What is the Savvik Buying Group?
    Savvik is the new name for the North Central EMS Corporation, which was formed 20 years ago when Medicare reimbursement was drastically reduced through the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. The mission then, and now, is to provide members a mechanism to achieve needed cost reductions. Expenses have continued to increase and our industry continues to struggle to make ends meet. MEMSA is offering you an opportunity, AT NO COST TO YOU, to participate in the Savvik Buying Group.

  10. What are some of the companies I can get discounts with through Savvik?
    Henry Schien EMS, ZOLL, Grainger, 5.11, Physio Control, FedEx, AT&T, Philips, ambulance vendors, and much, much more! To see a complete list, visit http://www.savvik.org/Associations/Missouri-EMS-Association

  11. Why should I participate with Savvik?
    It saves you time and money, it is free and easy to use, and there are no commitments! Savvik takes care of the competitively bid process and leverages the buying power to drive deeper discounts. And Savvik returns excess revenues back to EMS associations and well as to the Savvik Foundation to support safety, efficient operations, education, research etc.

  12. Does using Savvik benefit MEMSA?
    Yes. A portion of all proceeds from items you buy through the Savvik Buying Group comes back to MEMSA. Not only do you save time and money, you support MEMSA as well!
If you have any other questions on this promotion, your MEMSA membership or Savvik, please contact MEMSA.
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