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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Missouri EMS Connection

The Missouri EMS Connection is a quarterly magazine established in 2015 that educates, informs, leads, and connects the EMS community. This high-quality, full-color publication is being published by the Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association (MEMSA) for EMS professionals across Missouri and beyond. 

During its first year, we expanded the magazine to involve other EMS associations in Missouri to connect all facets of EMS in Missouri and get a broad range of articles and information out to EMS professionals. This magazine replaces previous publications published by MEMSA, including the CODE 3 newsletter. 

As MEMSA went through a reorganization, the board thought it would be a good time to bring EMS together using an educational tool – the Missouri EMS Connection magazine. So far, EMS professionals across the state along with EMS-related companies and organizations are excited about this new project. Articles for the first several issues came together quickly and articles for the second year of publication are are already being worked on and planned out. 

The publication also has an editorial board made up of EMS professionals to ensure quality and that the magazine meets the mission to educate, inform, lead, and connect the EMS community. The publication editor who was hired has been the editor of the Kansas EMS Association magazine, the KEMSA Chronicle, for more than 10 years. 

Service Spotlight Articles

Our feature story for each issue is a service spotlight article on an EMS service in Missouri who is a MEMSA member. We will do our best to spotlight a variety of EMS services/MEMSA members around the state including award winning services at the state level. 

If you have a suggestion regarding an EMS service that should be spotlighted, send an email to Publication Editor Mary Napier.  The email should include in 200 words or less why the service should be featured in the magazine.

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