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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

MEMSA is a nonprofit, statewide, professional association committed to high quality emergency medical services across Missouri. 

Since 1983, MEMSA has provided leadership in education, training, and legislation. 

MEMSA provides a forum for EMS professionals to accomplish common goals that ensure quality EMS care is delivered statewide. MEMSA members are invited to be involved in collaborative efforts to achieve these and other goals.

Hot Topics

Vaccinations by EMTs

The Chair of the Missouri State Advisory Council (SAC) on EMS asked that a survey be done on the following topic...

Topic:  Should the Governor be requested to issue a waiver to allow basic EMTs to be trained to administer the COVID-19 vaccination?  Is there a shortage of personnel in your area who can administer the vaccination? Would the addition of EMTs to the list of those who could administer the vaccine improve the available administration process?  Do you feel that basic EMTs have the skill set to provide the vaccination?  A survey went out.  The results...

57% yes / 38% no

We limited the responses to one per agency and had a mix of ambulance services, schools, fire departments, air medical, and a few hospitals responded.  The comments are listed but not with who provided them.  

View the results here.


How has the pandemic impacted you? 
Do you recall an experience that was a high point for you?
How about a low point? 
What have you learned? 
What have you overcome?
No matter what, you are not alone.

For the spring issue of the Missouri EMS Connection, we want to remember 2020 for the impact it had on EMS providers/services, the highs, the lows, the lessons, the obstacles, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic is not something you will soon forget, and it is not over yet.

If you want to help us remember the pandemic so far - the good, bad, and ugly - please submit photos and a paragraph describing one of your memorable experiences (good or bad).  Let's use this as an opportunity to share, heal, and hold each other up.  You are not alone. 

Send your photos and a paragraph (less than 300 words) to memsa@memsa.org by Feb. 15.

COVID-19 Vaccination

As EMS is now able to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination, there may be hesitancy among some personnel to get the shot. Below, please find links to videos produced by Health and Human Services/Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (HHS/ASPR) “to combat vaccine hesitancy and encourage intake of Flu and COVID vaccines in EMS.”

Additionally, please find a link to a podcast provided by Washington University in St. Louis and the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP). This episode seeks to “assuage and answer” many of the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination. There are also free CEUs offered after taking the quiz at the end.


EMS Physician Vaccination Town Hall from NAEMT - 1/8/21

Watch the recording here.
Dec. 10, 2020 Meeting Briefing Document (FDA) - Pfizer Vaccine Chart on Page 30

Paramedic Shortage Issue in Missouri

Back in October, MEMSA used several surveys to try and consider the issue of a paramedic shortage in Missouri. We surveyed ambulance services, paramedics schools, field paramedics (not EMTs or administrators who are paramedics), and the BEMS. Below are the summaries from those surveys.  We are working to analyze the rest of the comments and working on the next steps. Thanks to everyone who participated!

MEMSA Group Buying Discounts

MEMSA has partnered with Savvik Buying Group to offer its members discounts on products and services. Take advantage of them today!  Organization and individual benefits are available.

Savvik Buying Group is the nation's largest non-profit public safety Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), whose vast assortment of contracts and programs can assist you in saving time and money.

Savvik recognizes your independence to buy from who you want, when you want, and they make sure that your freedom is paramount in its agreements. Many of these programs are already bid and awarded and you can simply link to the contract of your choice. Discounts are available to individual members of MEMSA for personal use from companies like Staples, Grainger, 5.11, AT&T, Best Buy, TKK Electronics, entertainment packages, rental cars, IDShield, Hotel Engine, and much more!  

See complete details on what the Savvik Buying Group can offer you on their website.


You can find resources on COVID-19 on our COVID-19 resources page at memsa.org/covid-19.

Member Benefits

  A voice at the regional, state and national level

  $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy

  Annual conference with CEUs

  Missouri EMS Connection magazine

  Savvik Buying Group - see more information

  And much more!

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