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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

MEMSA is a nonprofit, statewide, professional association committed to high quality emergency medical services across Missouri. 

Since 1983, MEMSA has provided leadership in education, training, and pre-licensing EMT and EMT-P practical testing as well as legislation. 

MEMSA provides a forum for EMS professionals to accomplish common goals that ensure quality EMS care is delivered statewide. MEMSA members are actively involved in collaborative efforts to achieve these and other goals.

Hot Topics

April 2018 was MEMSA's 35th Birthday, so we are giving you a present to celebrate!!

So here is your present from MEMSA…For one year, a MEMSA membership is free for new organizations and individuals who sign-up! 

With that free membership comes a $10,000 insurance policy, the Missouri EMS Connection magazine, and the opportunity to buy equipment, supplies, uniforms, and even Disney tickets, through a group purchasing program. Get more details about this offer and how to take advantage of it on our birthday page or our frequently asked questions page.

TCD Discussion FORUM

In Missouri, we have a TCD system that should be the envy of the country and is instead very troubled. How we got here is a long story, and there is plenty of blame to pass around, but we also have a good chance to make some serious improvements to the program.  

The Director of the Dept. of Health and Senior Services has established a committee to address problems with the TCD system in Missouri.  MEMSA will be posting meeting summaries and other items of interest on our new TCD discussion page.  Feel free to read over the materials provided and make comments if you want.

Improvements will only come from the engagement of people who see what a great TCD system can mean for the patients we serve.

MEMSA's New Phone Number & ADDRESS

MEMSA's new phone number is (573) 370-1702.  

You can reach Mary Napier, membership specialist at that number or email her at memsa@memsa.org.  

New address effective immediately is:

PO Box 243
Linn, MO 65051

EMS Regulation changes in Missouri

Governor Greitens has directed all Missouri agencies to review the present regulations and consider which ones might be eliminated.  As part of that general discussion, the SAC has begun to review all the core EMS regulations in order to provide recommendations to the DHSS.  The SAC is hosting a series of meetings to seek input on the current EMS regulations.  Those meetings are also on the web.  Following each meeting drafts will be put on the web and open for further comment.

The goal of the SAC is to get consensus within the industry prior to submitting recommended changes to the DHSS for their consideration.

The discussion forum on our website is an informal process separate from the official process DHSS and the Secretary of State conduct, but this is the best and easiest way to engage and review regulations that were written in 1998.  What should be updated, changed, added, dropped, re-worded to clarify, etc. 

Please spend a few minutes looking over the state EMS regulations and visit the new draft posted on the regulation page of our website.  Please leave your comments and suggestions on these topics in our discussion forum.

Member Benefits

  A voice at the regional, state and national level

  $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy

  Annual conference with CEUs

  Missouri EMS Connection magazine

  Savvik Buying Group - see more information

  And much more!

Job Postings

Place your job listings on our site at No Charge!  Contact MEMSA today!

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